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Develop Your Story / Re: Blade Regalia
« on: May 17, 2020, 02:29:13 am »
My own review of Blade Regalia

I thought it might be insightful to look back on this and provide some honest answers and talk about some of the changes that were made over the years.

Part 1: Introduction
As cringey as it seems, I started off playing with the same imagery as in Genesis. This played on the idea that clothing was a crucial step to becoming "like God" as it describes is a result of eating the forbidden fruit. This was actually done because an actual Church was sponsoring Blade Regalia, but donating money to pay for the studio and business to be put in place for Blade Regalia and future creative work.

So, to return the favor, Blade Regalia was meant to have a religion positive story. Not necessarily and evangelical or preachy story, but a story that paints religion or religious people in a positive way. For instance, we often see religious figures act as the antagonist, tricking people to believe a lie for their gain. Obviously this is common in real life, but in Blade Regalia, the religious people are the protagonists defending themselves from evil invaders.

This sponsorship was cancelled before any money was exchanged because we cut ties with that church shortly after. Now Blade Regalia has a story driven religion (a fake religion) revolving around "mystical crowns". The protagonists are still religious, but they aren't practicing any real world religions anymore.

Part 2: Katherine
Here I did make a very important change. Katherine (the protagonist) was originally native to Sanctum (the good guys) and I then made her native to Pulvia (the bad guys). The story basically says that getting a regalia is like winning the lottery. And then you get tons of money and fame, etc. I thought it would be pretty boring if the protagonist wants to win the lottery, wins the lottery, and then it turns out to be exactly how you expected. Originally I worked against this by making her a dispassionate person which really caused me to write myself into a corner.

So I did miss some great opportunities to showcase Sanctum and Pulvia as a place worth caring about because there's going to be a clash of cultures with Katherine spending her childhood in pulvia, and then a few years in Sanctum. Her accent, her mannerisms, the way she shows affection, etc would all be great things to expose upon especially when they're contrasting the way other people in Sanctum act. Lumaria brought up that there is a natural curiosity about Sanctum as a country and we're expected to care about a place we know nothing about. I was avoiding introducing non-playable characters or any characters who wouldn't appear in the game, this is the main reason why I never gave us a reason to be invested in Sanctum.

Having Katherine be from pulvia was a great decision because it created the most interesting version of her. Now Katherine is passionate about fighting (which is ideal because she's the protagonist of a fighting game). Katherine isn't necessarily passionate about fighting for Sanctum, but she just loves combat in general. So she has something she can be passionate about, while also facing a conflict against being chosen to wear a Regalia. I know that's not the only solution, but it's my solution.

Part 3: Bad Pacing
So Helen (the queen of sanctum) is an annoying character because she's a rule breaker. I spend tons of time explaining how regalia is the only way to have super powers and then Helen has powers for no reason. So now I have to explain how Helen has powers she shouldn't have, and then we're also trying to explain the inquisitors. The inquisitors are just an excuse to have this system where Regalia is like winning the lottery. It's not really necessary to establish the reasoning in episode one especially if I'm establishing rule breakers in the middle of it all.

Most of this exposition would be easier to understand if it's represented in a visual way, rather than by a narrator explaining it. I think we need more time set aside to establish a relationship between Katherine, Elizabeth, and Karina. I showed a little bit of Reina who is a character adapted from a previous story. Reina represents some very complicated emotions similar to "The Cannibal". So she was definitely challenging to work with.

The main challenge I faced was trying to maintain an artistic vision when I really didn't know what that vision was. The goal was to express emotions I was feeling, but I didn't have the self awareness necessary to share these emotions in the most interesting way because I didn't understand them well enough myself. So often times Lumaria would suggest changes that would conflict with that vision and I wouldn't know the best way to improve it while maintaining that vision. That vision was more important to me than making a successful serial comic.

General MM Discussion / Re: Why I've been gone
« on: May 17, 2020, 01:27:35 am »
It sounds exciting, the fact that you're getting the opportunity to do more of what you love.

I hired a writer, which let me focus exclusively on game development which is where I feel the most comfortable. "The cannibal" now known as Izabel was adapted into a game, and has a public prototype/demo ready. Blade Regalia is on track to have a public prototype launch after reaching milestones in months that I originally thought were years apart.

I think a good example of this would be how youtubers like to make "abridged" dubs over TV shows. There are a surprising amount of situations where I find I'm objectively more entertained by their interpretation than by the actual series itself. I learned about the entire story of starwars through the lego star wars video game on the PS2 because I had no interest in watching the movies and I didn't find them entertaining. Now that example is technically a professional interpretation of another proffesional's work but the point is the same.

If there is room for improvement in a story, I think it's possible that fans could potentially cover those weaknesses and re-write it better. I personally don't read written fan fiction but I'm personally not fond of literature at all. But I think they get a bad rep because they're typically only produced by children and people who don't have entrepreneurial personalities. By that I mean most people would rather put hard work and dedication and their skills into something they can liquidate or make money off of.

Manga Gallery / Re: Broken
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:41:19 pm »
It would've been more interesting if the protagonist was actually wearing a mask that looked like a normal face. And then once his face is "broken" it reveals the grotesque face was underneath the whole time. As if he was wrong or blatantly lying(that sounds delicious) about who was wearing a mask.

Now that would be something.

As many have said, the artwork stands leagues above the story. The hatching style works will with grotesque subject matter so I really enjoy it there. In short, it's beautiful.

Mini-Tokyo / Re: What's your favorite anime/manga moment
« on: September 29, 2018, 08:19:23 pm »
Well I watched She: The Ultimate Weapon (or something like that).
My god was it terrible. Unforgivably terrible as someone from Japan has a unique perspective on what is like to have a super weapon used on you so to be so completely wrong is horrific.
If one side has a super weapon that can be used endlessly you do not have long wars of attrition. If it can wipe cities off the planet and erase whole armies your war is done by tea time.

That anime looks like the author saw gunslinger girl and then turned it up to the maximum settings just to see what would happen.

I'd say my favorite moment would have to be the moment in the Attack on Titan Anime where Eren gets eaten by a titan in season 1. I guess you can tell I haven't been watching very much anime lately. The last animes I watched were something about Twintails and "How to not summon a Demon Lord". Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you know what I mean.

Art Gallery / Re: [+18] Gemstone Gallery
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:00:26 pm »
I have ported that story into Blade Regalia, so maybe you'll get to play the next chapter some day. But I'm not sure if I want to continue writing it as a standalone story.

Art Gallery / Re: [+18] Gemstone Gallery
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:52:37 pm »
I'm going to give you the whole story because why not.

That picture was made for a completely open ended project aimed entirely towards expression. I mean we weren't graded on technique, and it didn't even have to be a drawing. It has to do with me trying to understand who I am. What I'm trying to portray is very complicated. The woman in the picture isn't a real person but she's based on the girl mentioned in that story I posted here, "The Cannibal". Red hair, red eyes. However, I wanted her to feel very human and natural so the red in her eyes is dulled down and her teeth aren't sharp.

You are looking from my perspective and that is my hand drawn resting on the plate. When I drew this piece I made it under the pretense that anyone who looks at it could easily be the girl or me. It deals with these two sets of carnal desires. First there's this woman who is obviously beautiful and young and friendly. This sense of attraction doesn't seem so crazy until you see what someone is willing to do to satisfy it. Secondly it's her desire to consume you. In a way, they're the same, the lust towards her flesh and her lust towards yours.

Obviously this extends beyond flesh, and it really has nothing to do with that. I has to do with really the abuse of others for your own gain and allowing yourself to be abused for your own gain. One day I watched myself switch places until I became the cannibal and I destroyed a friendship. I deceived him until I was able to get what I needed. I felt sick afterwards.

It was so natural I wouldn't have ever noticed had I not drawn that image and forced myself to deal with the darkest parts of who I am. So as I said, I drew this under the pretense that anyone could be the girl or the viewer, but now I don't think that's entirely genuine. What's certain about this picture is that I could easily be either person.

I wanted this picture to help me look into the minds of the people who've hurt me or abused me physically or emotionally in some way and so I was forced to take into account how exactly I was responsible for putting myself in a position to be abused. Because when I did that, things started to make more sense, and I was able to humanize the people who hurt me. Naturally you want to demonize them, and in the same way I wanted to demonize the girl, literally. This is the second version of that image and the first one she had sharp teeth and was just all around more vicious. It turned out much more powerful when I made her more human because a monster is what you're expecting.

This is the exact same thing that the cannibal as a story is based on. I didn't know that when I wrote it. It wasn't a conscious decision, but a subconscious one. The one that I posted is not the first rendition of the cannibal. I first wrote it when I was around 12 years old, and I kept making changes to the story and pushing this grotesque and horrific story and it wasn't until recently that I understood why I was obsessed with this character.

I actually, very purposefully, tried to breathe life into these forums, and you can see how literally nothing happened during the time that I was gone. I personally don't see the value in trying anymore if there aren't any individuals here that I can have a discussion with.

Art Gallery / Re: Gemstones desu
« on: July 05, 2018, 08:52:07 am »
Here's some of the illustrations you never got to see.

Ink wash, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Cont Crayon, Pen

I got to play with a lot more toys than that, but those projects were purely experimental and less presentable like oil paint, acrylic paint, watered down acrylic paint, oil paint on acrylic paint, enamel on copper, and other metalsmithing stuff.

Develop Your Story / Re: Blade Regalia
« on: July 01, 2018, 07:16:37 am »
There actually won't be anything more posted on here in script format. I may post finished illustrated/animated works or recorded gameplay in the future. I won't be posting any more chapters.

That is merely the foundation. I am treading lightly on what more I want from this story. For now, I want to see where this takes us.

You're right it may be pointless to try and change someone's philosophies.

Develop Your Story / Re: Blade Regalia
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:03:56 pm »
Let's take a step back and look at the essence of Blade Regalia.

Blade Regalia is a story about a world where everyone is playing the wrong role. These aren't metaphysical roles like I talked about in FNO or the Cannibal, but actual roles in their world. Helen is too young to lead a nation. Lucius isn't faithful enough to be a religious leader. Katherine isn't passionate enough to be a soldier. This is all a result of Regalia and its rules within the world.

The character's passions then work against their circumstances. Lucius wants to be in control, and doesn't want to put faith in things he can't explain. Helen wants to enjoy her childhood and escape her responsibilities. Katherine wants to live a peaceful life, not the life of a soldier. She's also being drafted to go to war with her home country.

What lends the antagonist to be advantageous is not their power, but the fact that they actually fit into their role. And their passions line up with their role. I tried a few times to depict members of "Sanctum" fighting members of "Pulvia". I always had Sanctum losing for this reason. It is meant to be a personality driven story.

Katherine being drafted the way she was, was meant to be a statement like this could happen to anyone. This could be you, where one minute your life is in control and then suddenly you're thrown into a role that is the last thing you ever wanted. And there are 140 playable characters that are each dealing with something different. Regalia itself becomes symbolic. "You're dressed like a soldier, so go out and fight, Katherine". If it walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. Then it must be a duck.

That's the very basic breakdown of what I want from this story moving forward, and it's very exciting to see that come to life.

I'm sorry that was actually my mistake entirely. I thought I had posted more of my work from on campus here, but I actually didn't There were very few pieces in my gallery. None of my assignments have been anime styled. You are absolutely correct, they would destroy you for that. It actually wasn't until very recently that I was even allowed to draw people. So my mistake for assuming you knew something that I never actually told or showed you.

Function exists within art, yes. A painting's function is to be seen. It has a function. I agree. But what is artistic is what's done beyond that function. As I a said the "non-functional aspects". I did not say "art is an object that doesn't perform ANY function". Art is the aspects of an object that are not pertaining to its function. There is function within objects, but not in art. Art is not just an object.

"You mean the client. The client has complete control of the illustration. And if they did, they wouldn't hire an artist to do it."

So if you're a slave owner. And you have complete control of a slave. You're saying you wouldn't need a slave to do anything if you have control over him? An artist has a skill you need. You pay money, he illustrates in the same way that a painter puts paint on a brush in order to paint. They both want a picture, they both do what they need to do to make it happen.

In a way we could technically say that the client is the artist, and the illustrator is just a medium that the client uses to illustrate. We can call it artistic because the consumer can spend his money on whatever he wants, but the fact that he spends it on that illustration is in of itself making a statement.

Yes, the client doesn't always specify every single little detail about a piece so the artist does have to invent some ideas and that is artistic because it extends past the clients demands into the artist's liberty of choice among a series of choices. Another way to look at art, it is a choice among many choices.

Storytelling's function is to be read or heard. Period. You can ascribe golden rules to story telling if you would like. The consumer can ascribe golden rules to stories he would purchase if he chooses. Commercial storytelling doesn't even follow your golden rules. SAO for instance. Where are Kirito's flaws at? But still a hugely successful product. Different people do have different standards. A lot of people don't pay attention to personality at all. Do I think it's better that characters have a personality? On a personal level, yes I do.

I think the fact that you can't see a correlation between story-telling and illustration is very simple-minded. That's just my opinion. Maybe I think too much about everything.

I like drawing representational art. I like learning to capture someone's likeness and make a picture really feel 3-dimensional. My personal artwork is always pretty conservative, but I can still appreciate abstractions for what they're worth. I like reading what you would call good stories, and I really like reading stories that change my way of thinking. I love it when these two things come together. That's my personal experience.

As of this discussion, perhaps I did in the past because I was prideful, but as of this discussion. I have not once excused any mistake I've made. I have done more to recognize how to fix them than you have. I explained why they happened. But I did not argue that they made the story better.

In the past I've never actually taken it seriously when you'd say I don't put the audience first. Or I don't care about the audience.. That's mostly why you don't feel like you've ever gotten a good answer. I know what Katherine looks like. I know what she acts like and what wants. Why would I draw a picture of her? So that I'll know what I already know? Why would I write about her?

You could say the audience is the only reason she exists, but the reason why I never told you that Tara is supposed to make you feel like she's a victim who isn't blameless is the same reason why artists don't explain their art. I want you to have your own personal experience, or revelation, or emotion, from it. I want Tara to open up a discussion, not simply be a sentence.

I could go back and tell you every single emotion you were meant to feel in FNO and Blade Regalia, and why all those years ago you were meant to feel that way, and I could even tell you why you didn't feel that way. I didn't want to tell you that, because I wanted you to have your own interpretation. Could it have helped us figure out solutions had I told you? Yes. Obviously it could have. I made a mistake. I've made many. I'm used to it.

You actually consider kinetic art functional? That's funny. I see we have very different philosophies on function. I can't do anything with a kinetic sculpture. Movement is not a function. What you're referring to is an "Action". An action and a function are two different things. I'm going to keep using that phrase different philosophy, different philosophy, different philosophy, different philosophy, different philosophy, different philosophy. If you want an agreement, you have to first accept why our opinions are different.

Did you honestly think I go to art school and never thought about kinetic art. You had to have been drawing at straws. I spent  hours trying to figure out how you can fit architecture into that description, and you bring up kinetic art. Because for instance in art history, they usually pay attention to architecture as well as religious art which seems very functional. And there's a reason why it still works, but I'm not going to get into that.

Commercial art has a function. And that function is to be pleasing to the consumer. It has nothing to do with it being representational, it has nothing to do with color, or line in isolation, it has to do with the consumer. The consumer is in complete control of the illustration being made. That is not art. That is business.

 If you asked me what is my artwork supposed to make you feel. It would be stupid to answer that. Answering that only serves to belittle the effectiveness of it. What art makes you feel is personal to you.

Think about Picasso again. Picasso's audience wanted representational art. That was the commercial demand. But he drew what he wanted to draw.

I agree with you completely in commercial storytelling the consumer is in control of what story gets told.

Again philosophical disagreement. Kinetic art is not functional. An action is not a function. At least to me, it's not. That's my philosophy. Maybe that's not your philosophy, it doesn't actually matter to me. You could say its function is to move, but the movement that takes place is artistic because it could make any movement. Why does it move the way it does if it could move any way it wanted? Why does a painting look the way it does if it could look like anything it wanted? That is art.

This actually isn't an argument. This is a discussion. You are the one who refuses to discuss. I simply stated, that we disagree. I stated what I believe and then you argued against it. If you don't want to argue, stop arguing and start discussing.

"What is your story suppose to make me feel when i read it?" And you simply could not answer it.

This is one of those things where I felt answering the question would be considered an argument. Obviously I was correct because you refuse to have a discussion. My perspective on characters and storytelling in general has actually changed since the time I wrote FNO, but for me it was important that the character plays his role. I was always looking at the story as a whole. You were looking at the details. I think over time I could have gone back and fixed some of the elements and details that were distracting.

There were some characters whose role was to have a personality. Their role in the story revolved entirely around how it would feel to interact with them. We can continue to compare FNO to art here it'd be as if I drew Tara from FNO and one arm was too small. Even if it was intentional, the statement the piece was making had nothing to do with proportion or arms or anything, the arm could be regualar sized, and the statement would be the same, right. I'm still speaking Hypothetically here, in the art world we could call that small arm "distracting". The arm is completely distracting from the actual message of the piece and should be changed.

That's a similar problem with Tara and FNO or Blade Regalia, is that the poor elements of the story are distracting you. The story's message doesn't revolve around Tara's personality, but the fact that she didn't have one, was distracting. And that should be fixed. If the story were making a statement on personality, or the abstract personalities as a whole were in of themselves making a statement, then that would make more sense from an artistic point of view.

Blade Regalia did create some challenges for me because it was a commercial work, however. The story was going to be illustrated or animated and free to view even without having bought the game. It was purely a service to the gamers, not as a commercial venture. The game itself, was not story driven. It's multiplayer. That being the case I wanted to pursue it as some kind of median between artistic and commercial venture.

What has changed is now the game is also story driven, and that's lead me to make some changes. So now it's much more commercial than artistic. I still love it. I love seeing what it's becoming. I agree that's definitely a mistake not to explore the world or to explore who Katherine is because even within the game the world is very expansive lore wise. It begs you to learn more about it. You do have different cultures and different races and the different Regalia depending on it and it's really fun to explore now. I agree there were missteps there.

You're not Real probably has a lot of potential just by the name. But the story itself is not good. The protagonist is based on a character from Blade Regalia by the same name who actually is a sociopath. But in Blade Regalia he's an antagonist. The story didn't really say anything either. I thought it would be interesting to push the idea that "love didn't exist" or that love was specifically the "You" the title is referring to, but the protagonist was poorly executed. Now I can look at it and see some things that would've made it work a lot better. If the protagonist's struggles seemed more unfair, then it might have been more interesting, but I didn't like the protagonist either.  I didn't know how to fix him. You gave me solutions, but they wouldn't solve the bigger problem so I abandoned it. I would basically just have to torture the protagonist

Why does illustration get a pass, but storytelling doesn't? I think that's very inconsistent. You're not thinking of it as art if that's the case. Picasso draws bad drawings. We call it abstract. I wrote bad stories, we call them bad? You're as conservative of stories being told a certain way as many people are of artwork being realistic. A lot of people don't like to look at abstract art at all.

Say for instance, I built a computer, it doesn't work. I built a bad computer. But that's important right? Function is important in the right context. If I put a broken computer in a museum, then it could be art by that context. But if I gave you a broken computer and told you it's supposed to work, then that's not art, that's just a broken computer.

What I believe art is, and I promise is the best definition you will find anywhere besides some crazy dude saying "everything": Non-functional aspects of something. That's the bare minimum where I look at something and think of it as art, but it's also anywhere where a statement is being made.

A computer that's function is to work is colored silver. The fact that it's silver is artistic. Whether or not you can hang Picasso's work up in your house or not is irrelevant. It's only function is to be seen. What is being seen, is the art. What is being seen is a statement on both the artist and the world around him.

So you can see right here. Instantly. We have a different set of philosophical beliefs. You only think of a story as something that functions in a specific way. You leave no room for it to be artistic, no room to appreciate anything beyond its function. Just as most people leave no room for abstract art. Most people believe illustration's function is to be realistic. Before cameras were invented, it was, but that's no longer necessary.

Not everything that people work on is considered art, that's why we immediately have the distinction "Arts & Crafts". Not necessarily that there's nothing artistic about a craft, but it's really more saying that illustration is useless and crafts actually have uses. Crafts have a function. You could say Art is form without function. (I like that, I'm keeping that phrase)

I'm not against the idea of personality. I'm not even against good story telling. I know you probably think I am.

Me personally, on a completely personal level, I would rather read something that changes my way of thinking rather than just wastes my time. That's why it's important to me to write that way. We have totally different beliefs on a philosophical level. As I said, you want this, I want that. Biggest difference between Picasso and I is Picasso actually knew what he was doing when he did it. Maybe no one is the target audience, maybe everyone is. Maybe you're not the target audience for reasons much deeper than just your age, ethnicity, gender, and religion, which would be the case for other stories.

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