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Title: Official MM Contest: Fantasy One-shot Challenge
Post by: Orchid on October 17, 2017, 01:49:05 pm
★Fantasy One-Shot Challenge★

Contestants must create a one-shot (script or drawn) based on a fantasy world. The one-shot must have all 5 chosen features or they will be disqualified. The one-shot voted to being the most entertaining and well written while also containing all the features will be the winner of the Round. The Winner of the Round will not participate in the next round but instead create the next 5 features for the next round. The chosen features are purely aesthetic and not genre or story driven so they will not impact too much on creative freedom. Contestants have freedom to choose whether they want the features to impact their story or to be kept purely in the background. The one-shot can be any genre the writer/artist wishes it to be.

If you are an artist and you wish to post an illustrated one-shot rather than a script, you will be labeled in a different category from the ones who choose to write scripts. At least two artist and two story writers must be participating in order for the round to take place.

Each Round will be a total of at least 2 contestants. (once we gain more members, it will be moved up to 5 members).


Winner and Runner-up:  will be broadcast on the Home page of Manga Mavericks and in the Hall of Fame child board with their one-shot attached along with Third place.

Third place: They will only be featured in the Hall of Fame child board.

Rules to Round [#1]:
Round 1 must have the following five features:

Contestants for Round [#1]

Contestant 1:
Contestant 2:
Contestant 3:
Title: Re: Official MM Contest: Fantasy One-shot Challenge
Post by: Lumaria on October 19, 2017, 02:53:08 pm
Ill definitely put something in. Sounds very easy to do.