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Author Topic: About Manga Mavericks (rules included)  (Read 171 times)


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About Manga Mavericks (rules included)
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:53:57 pm »
About Manga Mavericks
Manga Mavericks is a community where writers and artists can share their manga stories and artwork, collaborate with eachother members and most importantly help eachother works all in the efforts to improve skills all while trying to figure out what it means to make a manga. We are not DeviantArt or other forums where we welcome improvement last and building a community second. Manga Mavericks has an active goal to improve our writing/illustrating skills and always will.

We do not push members away and welcome all even if they do not intend to be part of the developing community. If you want to just share your work, it may be subject to critique, advice, and other forms of opinions. if you don't want to be part of a community that wants to help improve, or help others improve, you may have a difficult time settling in.

Rules and Code of Conduct
Manga Mavericks expect members to be mature and capable of handling most situations. But if there is a serious problem, please ask a moderator for additional help. Manga Mavericks understands that all members are human and at time imperfect. Some members in the heat of an argument, forget the rules exist or are too angry and say something they may regret.

Don't deviate from main topic
Please try to stay on topic of what the thread presented. Even if you believe the member is breaking the rules, report the problem if they have not listened the first time. If you are accused of breaking the rules, ask a moderator to review the issue for you before responding. Manga Mavericks understands as discussions continue, the topic often changes as well. Do not report if the topic has moved on to a different yet adjacent topic.

Bashing and insults
Debates and heated discussions are bound to happen. We welcome all forms of opinions if its all in efforts of improving our skills. We do not welcome bashing members for their opinions or works. Remember that feeling insulted doesn't mean that an insult was explicitly given.

We expect all members to be capable of diffusing the bomb on their own before moderators get involved. If one is offended or has felt they are being bashed by a particular member, the offended member must request the offending member through private messaging to modify their comments in effort of maintaining peace. This must be done BEFORE replying back in public space. This is mandatory.

If the member refuses to review their own comment, and you've attempted to speak with them in private message, you may ask a  moderator to review the comment. Other non-involved members can also ask ahead of time, but should not ask for moderator unless the situation has escalated.

No piggyback comments
If another person from another forum or site wishes to post their opinions or reviews, you cannot post on their behalf. They must be accountable for their own opinions and thoughts and create their own account. A temporary block will be made on the spot for anyone who is posting on behalf of someone in a thread.

Stalking, spreading propaganda
Please do not visit forum threads and reply in efforts to go against any member or "build" any form of negative reputation on any member. We are all aiming for the same goal of improving, do not create tension in which will put it at an immediate stop. Moderators will know when one is being sought out and kindly ask the person to stop if it gets out of hand. We will NOT punish the member who was sought out, but moderators will ask the person to avoid the person and to report it again if it becomes a problem.

Giving credit
All pieces of work that were not illustrated or written by the one sharing, must give credit to the original artist/author who wrote it. Especially if this is a fellow aspiring artist/author. It is highly encouraged to give the name, the link of where it was found, or where they can purchase the art legitimately.

It is OK if one could not find who the original artist/author is.So long as you were able to post the link of where it was found.

We generally don't want members joining strictly to advertise their other websites. Especially if one is advertising to join another forum. We want to grow, and expect one to at least attempt to be part of the community when one creates an account. If you want to make any form of advertisement of any other art site, it is best to keep it only within your signature.

Multiple and Necro posting allowed
Since some areas of the forum may be designed for only updates from the Creator of the Thread such as New Chapters and New pieces of artwork, MangaMavericks allows multiple posts. However it is advised to use the "Edit" feature if posts are within 24 or 48 hours.

All opinions about the forum allowed
Some forums may have a dictator-like behavior and will Ban members for stating their opinion about the forum. We not only welcome positive opinions but negative ones as well. If we want to improve, we also want the forum to provide better care and options for members in order to have a comfortable stay. Sometimes the most negative opinions are fueled with passion for wanting a better experience. MangaMavericks understands that.

So long as the goal is to help us improve, we will take anything into consideration.
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