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Author Topic: Blade Regalia  (Read 2238 times)


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Re: Blade Regalia
« Reply #60 on: May 17, 2020, 02:29:13 am »
My own review of Blade Regalia

I thought it might be insightful to look back on this and provide some honest answers and talk about some of the changes that were made over the years.

Part 1: Introduction
As cringey as it seems, I started off playing with the same imagery as in Genesis. This played on the idea that clothing was a crucial step to becoming "like God" as it describes is a result of eating the forbidden fruit. This was actually done because an actual Church was sponsoring Blade Regalia, but donating money to pay for the studio and business to be put in place for Blade Regalia and future creative work.

So, to return the favor, Blade Regalia was meant to have a religion positive story. Not necessarily and evangelical or preachy story, but a story that paints religion or religious people in a positive way. For instance, we often see religious figures act as the antagonist, tricking people to believe a lie for their gain. Obviously this is common in real life, but in Blade Regalia, the religious people are the protagonists defending themselves from evil invaders.

This sponsorship was cancelled before any money was exchanged because we cut ties with that church shortly after. Now Blade Regalia has a story driven religion (a fake religion) revolving around "mystical crowns". The protagonists are still religious, but they aren't practicing any real world religions anymore.

Part 2: Katherine
Here I did make a very important change. Katherine (the protagonist) was originally native to Sanctum (the good guys) and I then made her native to Pulvia (the bad guys). The story basically says that getting a regalia is like winning the lottery. And then you get tons of money and fame, etc. I thought it would be pretty boring if the protagonist wants to win the lottery, wins the lottery, and then it turns out to be exactly how you expected. Originally I worked against this by making her a dispassionate person which really caused me to write myself into a corner.

So I did miss some great opportunities to showcase Sanctum and Pulvia as a place worth caring about because there's going to be a clash of cultures with Katherine spending her childhood in pulvia, and then a few years in Sanctum. Her accent, her mannerisms, the way she shows affection, etc would all be great things to expose upon especially when they're contrasting the way other people in Sanctum act. Lumaria brought up that there is a natural curiosity about Sanctum as a country and we're expected to care about a place we know nothing about. I was avoiding introducing non-playable characters or any characters who wouldn't appear in the game, this is the main reason why I never gave us a reason to be invested in Sanctum.

Having Katherine be from pulvia was a great decision because it created the most interesting version of her. Now Katherine is passionate about fighting (which is ideal because she's the protagonist of a fighting game). Katherine isn't necessarily passionate about fighting for Sanctum, but she just loves combat in general. So she has something she can be passionate about, while also facing a conflict against being chosen to wear a Regalia. I know that's not the only solution, but it's my solution.

Part 3: Bad Pacing
So Helen (the queen of sanctum) is an annoying character because she's a rule breaker. I spend tons of time explaining how regalia is the only way to have super powers and then Helen has powers for no reason. So now I have to explain how Helen has powers she shouldn't have, and then we're also trying to explain the inquisitors. The inquisitors are just an excuse to have this system where Regalia is like winning the lottery. It's not really necessary to establish the reasoning in episode one especially if I'm establishing rule breakers in the middle of it all.

Most of this exposition would be easier to understand if it's represented in a visual way, rather than by a narrator explaining it. I think we need more time set aside to establish a relationship between Katherine, Elizabeth, and Karina. I showed a little bit of Reina who is a character adapted from a previous story. Reina represents some very complicated emotions similar to "The Cannibal". So she was definitely challenging to work with.

The main challenge I faced was trying to maintain an artistic vision when I really didn't know what that vision was. The goal was to express emotions I was feeling, but I didn't have the self awareness necessary to share these emotions in the most interesting way because I didn't understand them well enough myself. So often times Lumaria would suggest changes that would conflict with that vision and I wouldn't know the best way to improve it while maintaining that vision. That vision was more important to me than making a successful serial comic.


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