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Author Topic: Blade Regalia  (Read 2238 times)


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Re: Blade Regalia
« Reply #60 on: December 18, 2017, 02:42:55 pm »
SO I'm going to ask you the same question I always ask you every single time you make a new story with a new character: Why should the readers care about your main character based on what you revealed in the chapter so far.

This time I will answer this question, not for your sake, but for mine. I'll be quoting from my chapter.

"You have been drafted to wear a Regalia."

I think the term "selected" makes more sense in the context of that sentence, or even "appointed", but I use the term "drafted" for a reason. For a lot of people, especially men, "draft" is a trigger word. It has that connotation that you're going to die, or at least that you no longer have control over your life.

In previous versions I made it very clear that Katherine does want control over her life, even if it meant ruining her relationship with her parents. Essentially, she's willing to do anything to have control over her life. I have not made that apparent yet, but that is taking place in this chapter.

So how does Katherine respond to being "drafted". I was told there were a few options: Say that you can't for religious reasons, defer service until you finish school, move to Canada, or join the Airforce voluntarily to avoid being drafted into the infantry where most people think they're most likely to die or get injured. Fight or flight. Fight would be accepting it and flight would be any of those options.

Katherine fights, and that's supposed to be admirable.

The mention of Dianne is meant to drive this home. She's not actually a character in the game and only exists to tell this story and she shows the reality of this situation. Katherine is being drafted because the previous Regalier died. And then she'll die and the cycle starts all over again. So that's why I wanted to add a scene to precede what I wrote for chapter one about Dianne to push this farther.

Yes. Katherine tries to run away at first, but there's a reason for that.

"Luther: No. Don’t you see, Katherine, this is exactly what we need. You need to become a Regalier."

"Katherine: We’re at war with Pulvia, and maybe you don’t know what they’re capable of, but I do."

This relationship is complicated and I have problems with it because of that. I think you're right I dropped the ball and missed out on a chance to express their chemistry. I was more focused on the death of this relationship, than the life of it. Katherine is naive and we'll see more about that later, but this exchange is their relationship. Summarized. So Katherine is a refugee and she doesn't have any family so she doesn't have a father who would traditionally prepare a dowry for her suitor to take and this could be an incentive to marry her over another suitor. So Katherine reveals that she was pretending to be a beggar possibly for years to collect enough money to have a dowry. We can imagine she only had pennies against offers of thousands and that changed when "Niko" the magician/illusionist/wizard, gives her a highly valuable coin.

When he did that, he created a future for her relationship with Luther. If she didn't believe she and Luther had a future, would she have fought the draft? Would she even have a reason to live?

"Niko: That would be boring."

We see that he does this because he finds her entertaining, and naturally wants to push for as much conflict of interests as possible. So Luther says You need to become a Regalier. He doesn't seem to be concerned for Katherine's safety in same way that she is. And she says "Maybe you don’t know what they’re capable of, but I do." Meaning she does believe that it would be dangerous to become a Regalier. She would destined to end up like Dianne.

Niko and Olsin are obviously two puppet masters working things behind the scenes which is a perfect antagonist for Katherine because their main goal is to take away everyone's control over their lives. But we haven't gotten to see much about them yet.

Throughout the entire draft process we see that Katherine and Elizabeth don't get along. That's what's supposed to be relevant the rest of the chapter. But Elizabeth and Katherine actually mirror each other. They're both projecting their feelings about the draft system onto one another, and they're both victims of it.

"Queen: There are ways to gain power without Regalia."

This statement is important because it gives Katherine a goal. Now of course she says "I want to have a normal life", but that seems pretty difficult in her current state, but the draft system exists purely because of the rules of Regalia and the Inquisition. So if they could gain power without Regalia there would no longer be a need for this draft system theoretically, and Katherine could have her life back in control.

So overall we're still establishing a few things about Katherine.
She's naive. Too naive to see that lover doesn't actually love her.
She's strong, mentally and physically. Able to deal with things well that most people can't, and able to hold her own against a Regalier. She's a survivor, the story hints at her escaping something horrible in Pulvia that her family didn't even survive.
Her goal is to take back control over her life.


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