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Author Topic: Hate hands? I do too. NOW LET'S DRAW THEM EVERYDAY!!!  (Read 708 times)


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20 hours?
I have heard 1000 repetitions to make a reflex and 10,000 hours to mastery. I have not heard 20 hours before.
20 hours of me drawing hands and they are probably not at the point of having the correct number of fingers yet.

Heya. You're right, it does take 10 k hours to master something (from Outliers book). It's equivalent to drawing only hands for 5 years on a full time job. It's pinpointed at people aiming to be at the top of their field so my reasoning is that doing so will put you on the same level as the old masters (hand wise at least).

To learn a new skill and be "good" at it, it seems that you need 20 hours of focused learning (Roughly 45 minutes every night during a single month).

He talks about the 10,000 hours at around the 3 minute mark. ^_^


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Re: Hate hands? I do too. NOW LET'S DRAW THEM EVERYDAY!!!
« Reply #16 on: February 21, 2016, 08:23:18 pm »
hahaha i like that challenge - sounds good!! I'll start posting hands tomorrow. Should we all work on similar poses or just random?


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Re: Hate hands? I do too. NOW LET'S DRAW THEM EVERYDAY!!!
« Reply #17 on: February 22, 2016, 07:07:52 pm »
I think multiples poses  it pains me for having such a hectic schedule right now.


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I used to hate drawing hands, but after a while, I figure I've gotten decent at drawing them in static poses. It's when I try to bring in perspective or some dynamic level with them that things get complicated. It's strange, though, because your hands are the things you look at most on your body all day, usually.

This post still inspired me to keep trying to get better with them, so I went ahead and grabbed a pen and sketched some things out. (Does it break rules if I used some guidelines with them? Lovely little tools, guidelines...)

I also apologize for image size. I took a picture with my phone because my scanner is currently having issues.

Spoiler (hover to show)

Day two: I decided to work some on fists. Clearly I'm going to have to spend a little more time with them. Something about the connective tissue between the thumb and index finger seems to be giving me the most trouble. At the very least, resized this one to not have as much trouble as day one.
Spoiler (hover to show)

Day three: once again, I worked with fists. This time, I looked up some references to help with the issue I noticed I was having with in the area between thumb and index finger, and in my last sketch today, I mentally mirrored one of the other references to force my mind to really see how it worked rather than simply copying what the eye sees. I find this to be a useful trick for learning new ways of drawing.
Spoiler (hover to show)
« Last Edit: June 20, 2016, 06:10:45 am by HematoLogMeIn »


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I love hands. There's 9 on my wall, beutiful gifts from my exs

Odd numbers is what I hate most but Charlotte was an amputee


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Okay, obvious troll is obvious there, but I am laughing way too hard right now. GG man.


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